Heating blanket with thermostat


Heating Blanket with in-line electronic precision thermostat.

This new generation of heating blankets is developed based on inputs from blade manufactures and blade repair companies and inputs from education and research institutes. Our aim was to develop a blanket suited as a tool for high quality repairs. 

There are 2 basic models: A standard flexible model, with good insulation, suitable to be used around surfaces with smooth curves and bendings and a super flexible model, with less insulation but with very good ability to be swept closely around the structure of fx. a web. 

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Both models have a in-line thermostat on the cable and plug connected imbedded sensor and a plug connected loose sensor.
The advantage of the loose sensor is that it can be placed freely on the repair.

  • Quality Assured
  • Dedicated Design
  • Cost Effective
  • Standard and costume design


Size Power Item no. standard Item no. super flex
300x3800mm 625W /230V 93N050074 93N050077
700x1250mm 700W/230V 93N050075 93N050078
700x600mm 325W/230V 93N050076 93N050079
300x3800mm 625W/115V 93N050083 93N050086
700x1250mm 700W/115V 93N050084 93N050087
700x600mm 325W/115V 93N050085 93N050088


Loose sensor type K w. plug 1 mtr 93M010983
2 mtr


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