Heating blanket with thermostat


Heating blanket with digital precision thermostat.

This new generation of heating blankets is developed based on inputs from blade manufactures and blade repair companies and inputs from education and research institutes. Our aim was to develop a blanket suited as a tool for high quality repairs.

To ensure a perfect curing, we have added our new digital thermostat, with display.
It gives you the advantages of adjusting the hysteresis from 1 to 5 °K., use the timer function, which can either start directly counting down or start the countdown, when the set point is reached.
Further more there is a possibility to set an off-set, to compensate for temperature deviations.
The digital thermostat is using RTD sensors, so that no special cabling is required.

Do you have questions or need advice and guidance? Contact technical support.

Both models have an in-line thermostat on the cable and plug connected imbedded sensor and a plug connected loose sensor. The advantage of the loose sensor is that it can be placed freely on the repair.



Size Power Item no. standard
1100x1100mm 650W /230V 93N050171
300x3800mm 650W/230V 93N050172
500x1500mm 500W/230V 93N050133
600x600mm 400W/115V 93N050199
350x3920mm 650W/120V 93N050165
600x1100mm 250W/115V 93N050167
600x600mm 150W/115V 93N050166
1100x1100mm 800W/120V