Submersible heaters for small oiltanks


The Heaters can have various dimensions and are available also with different finishing such as 90º exits / different types of connections socket. New ideas are given birth by the strongly dedicated team of technicians; The product then takes shape thanks to a process where advanced and traditional ways co-exist harmoniously.

Heating of

Hydraulic Oil, Lubricating Oil and Compressor Oil
– but also many types of Grease

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Dimensions From Ø6,5 to Ø30mm
Steel Quality Aisi 304 or 316
Power Up to 50W/cm2
Voltage 230V
Connection Cable or Plug
Process connection Nipple or Flanges
Immersion length Customer requirement
Option 1 Build-in thermostat with different ratings


  • Build-in with nippel or flanges
  • Fully submerged heaters are also possible to manufacture, even with build-in thermostats.
  • Horizontally mounting