Nimbus Series


The Nimbus Series comprises convection heaters and contact heating elements. A wide range of types with different designs and performances for various applications is available.

The Nimbus product line is distinguished by patented design characteristics:

  • limited temperature of external profile through thermal decoupling
  • optimised convectional heat transfer through chimney effect
  • self-regulation through PTC technology
  • approved safety on the basis of given temperature limitation
  • high reliability
  • no switching components

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NIMBUS is a series of convection heaters based on the PTC technology. A wide range of different types with different design and performance are ready for delivery.

Self-regulating using PTC characteristic
Power: 10-240W
Standard voltages: 12 / 24V DC or 115 / 230V AC
Limited surface temperature
Chimney effect for optimal heat transfer
Great reliability
RoHS, CE. VDE and UL