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Throughout the years, we have had the wind turbine industry as well as OEMs as subcontractors to the industry as our core area and have specialized in delivering components and solutions designed for the individual wind turbine platform or specific applications requiring heat due to very cold conditions or anti-condensation heat in a humid and salty environment.

In addition to products and systems to be implemented in the many applications of the turbine itself, for a number of years, we have also supplied components and controls to manufacturing sites where, for example, turbine blades or other related equipment are manufactured. For this purpose we have supplied various forms of heating for blade moulds, web tables, and the like, as well as touch-free temperature measurement for large furnaces in which the blades are cured. We are pleased to take on these types of tasks and, as a rule, in close collaboration with the customer’s engineers who, based on their technical specifications and know-how, may help to develop the correct and functional solution to ensure that the optimum output is achieved.

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We offers a wide range of applications for the wind turbine industry.