Duct heater


Duct heaters are used for air conditioning systems, heat recovery systems and ventilation systems as well as in process plants with a need for heating specific gases. Standard designs maximum air/gas temperature +70ºC. Standard electrical heater intended for mounting in ducts connection with air conditioning system, heat recovery systems and ventilation systems. The duct part is made of hot-galvanized steel while the terminal box is embedded in the duct part and has IP22 density.

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The duct part is a round hot-galvanized steel pipe. The terminal box is made of electric-galvanized steeel with PG 16 fitting (IP44). The heaters are made of AISI 304 (stainless). The terminal box contains a 1-terminal thermo-restriction device (30-87ºC) with automatic re-closing and manual reset (125ºC).

Special designs are used for grain drying, process plants, ships, temperature up to +750ºC.


Mould heating
Heating specific gases
Max. air/gas temperature +70ºC
Heat recovery systems and ventilation
Hot-galvanized steel pipe