PHBC-2 OnSite


PHBC means Portable Heat Blanket Controller and ”2” stands for the maximum number of heating blankets with which this unit can operate.

The design of the PHBC-2 is basically the same as that of the larger model, the PHBC-6 described in the previous section.

Both products are controllers which may help to successfully complete repairs after the first operating cycle. By using the PHBC-2, you can ensure perfect curing using the curing recipes pre-installed in the system, thus obtaining the TG value the first time. 



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Finally, it ensures that the curing temperatures are neither too low nor too high and when the desired curing process has been completed, the PHBC-2 even switches off the individual heating blankets. If an alarm were to sound, e.g. because a sensor is defective, the heating blanket is
defective or temperatures rise or fall too much, you will be able to see what is causing the alarm via the connection to a smartphone or the accompanying tablet, thus allowing you the opportunity to take action.

This also applies if you have started the preparation or repair of blades on turbines in the same area.

Once the work has been completed, a report may be generated as full documentation either for your own use or as documentation for the customer who has had the repairs done. This shows all the most important details which may be useful in assessing whether the repairs have started under favourable conditions and whether the repair itself has been carried out properly and appropriately, taking into account all the quality parameters.

The PHBC-2 allows the turbine owner to save repair time as well as downtime. And, at the same time, the quality of the individual repairs/curing is fully documented.


Intelligent controller for blade repair
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HMI display screen
Designed with or without display
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handy controller
Transportable with protection steel bars
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easy to use
Conect to WiFi - all jobs will be documented
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