L&S designs exactly the heating solutions you need for your specific application

Through many years, our employees have become specialised in heating solutions and, on a day-to-day basis, our Wind team works 100% with applications related to the wind turbine industry.​

We may be responsible for applications for electrical heating installations but also for mechanical solutions. Since we work with many different customer groups, we are also able to offer sparring on and solutions for production equipment for blade production. As well as the many different applications included in the wind turbine itself, such as hydraulic equipment, cooling systems, control panels, weather sensors, pitch and yaw systems, and many other applications on which you need heaters and sensors. You will find much more information in this brochure.

This also means that L&S is a subcontractor to other subcontractors within the industry, but we also deliver systems and solutions directly to the industry’s OEMs worldwide.

Therefore, we would be your safe choice for good, efficient and professional guidance and sparring as well as a supplier of heating solutions with associated controls, temperature sensors and much more within sensors and mechanical solutions with full documentation.

As a member of Nibe Element Wind Solutions, we also have the opportunity to support our services worldwide through our own companies and sister companies.  

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We offers a wide range of applications for the wind turbine industry.