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Windpower applications

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All management and control of temperature, data, alarms, trend curves, and programmed planning time is handled via a handheld tablet.


Blade repair with intelligent control system

To ensure correct overhaul and maintenance of wind turbines and their blades and to reduce maintenance downtime, Lund & Sørensen A/S has developed and designed a solution that permits the blades to remain warm during the repair period.

The advantage of using this system is that a proper curing is ensured each time and that a TG value above 70 is reached in each curing process without the use of manpower to control the temperature of the heated area during the curing.

After each curing job, a full report with all information such as curing cycle, temperatures, curing time, any alarms may be generated and printed as documentation for the repair having been completed according to the standards and expectations for this specific job.

In the end, this system will save time and manpower and ensure a consistently high quality of all curing jobs, every time. The first time!