Cirrus Series


Cirrus fan heaters use positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating technology, ideally suited for climate control. The heaters can be controlled independently from the fan, allowing a ‘fan-only’ mode for air circulation.

Combined with corresponding accessories, the broad range of self-regulating PTC fan heaters are suitable products for many applications. Cirrus fan heaters are proven to be safe through given temperature limitation. They are compact in size, self-regulating, and highly reliable.

  • Power ranges: 5W-800W
  • Voltage range 12/24V DC, 115V/230V AC


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CIRRUS is a series of heaters with integrated fan that make use of PTC technology. The wide range, combined with various accessories, makes these heaters suitable for many different tasks.
The use of quality components ensures high reliability in the various tasks.

Self-regulating using PTC characteristic
Power: 5-800W
Standard voltages: 12 / 24V DC, 115 / 230V AC
Great reliability
Compact design
Easy installation