For PHBC Systems


Heating blankets for PHBC systems.

All blankets are marked with resistance value, batch no., sensor marking, indication of heat wire placement.

They have built-in safety limiters of 120ºC (248ºF), PT100 sensors and up to 10 mtr. power- and sensor cable. The heating blanket will be supplied with a short sleeved cable with plug and a multi cored  extension cable to the fully 10 mtr.

They are manufactured with black top fabric and silver grey non stick silicone impregnated fabric, on heating side.

Perfectly controlled curing – everytime

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All our heating blankets can be delivered with or without built-in limiters to protect the heating blankets against overheat, as well as an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature of the blankets.

If you want to use our heating blankets with the new intelligent control system, PHBC-6 mentioned on page 5 and 6, you do not need a thermostat, because the heating blankets have built-in Pt100 sensors beneath the silicone path, to scan the temperature and use it in the control system.