Unique Repair Control



To ensure correct overhaul and maintenance of wind turbines and their blades and to reduce maintenance downtime, Lund & Sørensen has developed and designed a solution that permits the blades to remain warm during the repair period.


Perfect curing
Full curing support
The right TG value instantly
Best repair quality
Automatic curing control

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The concept is based on a portable intelligent controller that is combined with heating jackets.
The unit named PHBC-6 (Portable Heating Blanket Controller), controls the temperature via bult-in sensors in the heating jacket. At the same time, the PHBC-6 also measures and logs the ambient temperature and humidity.
All management and control of temperature, data, alarms, trend curves, and programmed planning time is handled via a handheld tablet. The screen layout involves a step-by-step solution, with each step requiring confirmation before proceeding to the next level. This is to ensure that the operators are aware of what needs to be done in each step and what needs to be logged before proceeding to the next level.

PHBC-6 is developed in close cooperation with some of the most skilled composite engineers in the turbine blade maintenance business and the manufacturer of heating blankets.